Interior & Exterior Painting

interior house painting includes

  • Cover up floors, furniture, hardware and any other necessary areas
  • Remove all the nails from walls and repair holes. (Unless otherwise specified)
  • Remove dirty and debris from walls and baseboards
  • Sanding and caulking where needed
  • Apply Latex or Oil Base Primer where needed
  • Finish with Top Quality Paints

exterior house painting includes

  • Pressure washing the house
  • Covering up windows, plants, and surrounding areas
  • Sanding of necessary wood surfaces
  • Repair stucco surfaces
  • Apply Oil Base Primer where needed
  • Fill all the cracks with an Elastomeric Caulking
  • Replace window putty where necessary
  • Stucco and Eaves Sprayed with 2 Coats
  • Wood trim will be brushed and/ or rolled
  • Finish with Top Quality Paint

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